Moved to Winhost

Written by stevey on June 23rd, 2011

Finally got fed up with the slowness of WP hosting at Godaddy, I decided to move my WP blog there to winhost. Yeah, Godaddy has many features that are powerful and convenient, but that exactly was my problem with them – there are too many flashy features that crowded the site and slows down the UI experience. It was easier to install WordPress and/or other open source apps on Godaddy as they are collectively located and a few button clicks was all it needed. But once my blog was setup, browsing to it was a pain and sometimes even showed time out error.

Winhost is a million mile apart from Godaddy’s flashy world. It is simple, clean and down to earth, and the price is right too. Although at the beginning I felt frustrated for lack of custom tools but then I figured out everything I needed can be found in Forum or/and KB. I first relocated my main site which is in ASP.Net 4.0 and the site is already loading 10 times faster. I have been using WordPress for my blogs since early 2010 and liked it a lot, so I wanted to transfer the old blogs from Godaddy to Winhost. The way to do it seemed to be backing up mysql db from Godaddy, download it to local drive, then use Mysql Workbench to open the sql file and execute it against the newly created mysql db on Winhost server. It seemed to be working but when I browsed to the at Winhost, the links on right side-bar always want to point back to my old site at Godaddy. If I cannot fix this in next day or so, I will just resolve to the old fashion way – copy and paste.

At this point, I installed WordPress from scratch to and the installation process was very smooth and clean. Just followed the instruction given by Winhost forum at


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