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Hello 您好!

Wednesday, March 9th, 2011

Welcome to Today I switched my blogs from BlogEngine.Net to WordPress and felt placid to see everything falling in places just fine.  I’ve had no trouble installing BlogEngine.Net to my site’s sub-domain but I had huge trouble getting it to work; I was no afraid of troubles as long as I was able to locate where the problem came from; but Godaddy, where my site is hosted, kept getting me the “500 error” and their tech support was unable to help me solve that puzzle. Even though I am a professional .Net developer and completely new to php, which is what WorldPress is written in,  I find this WorldPress blog engine more robust, powerful and easier to use. So here I am WorldPressing!

P.S. all the blogs that were dated earlier than today, March 9, 2011, were actually imported from BlogEngine.Net database that I still kept.